Ghosts and Spurs

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Ghosts and Spurs

I was commenting to a QRP/CW friend of mine that I was considering a WSPR TX installation. Before I could mention my concern about TX purity, he volunteered that there's a lot of WSPR ops who have bad TX setups. His complaint was that their spurs aren't confined to the WSPR window of a band but that the ones with really bad signals, or who chose to TX at the edge of the WSPR window, put energy into the CW areas.

I then recalled a conversation I had 30 years ago about having spurious. The TX ham was told he had spurious whereby he claimed the RX guy had the spurs to listen to. The point was that a TX person knows nil of his spurs unless told. The RX crowd gets to suffer.

I observe a lot of "bonus signals". I hesitate to post callsigns here. I doubt that any OO action happens on this stuff. Sadly, the worst offender doesn't seem to be a member here.