Wspr decode screen change

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Wspr decode screen change

Hi folks. I run multiple copies of wspr simultaneously and I have noticed that over the last while there has been a change in a couple of my instances of wsjt-x.

Initially, the wspr decode screen would show the decoded station and nothing more would change until the next decoded station would pop up. This is still the case on a couple of my instances.

However, on a couple of screens, the decode screen is now showing not only the decoded stations, but every two minutes a line appears like this " 1634 ----------------------- Receiving WSPR ----------------------- 30m ".

Like I said this happens every two minutes and as you might imagine has the effect of driving the decoded station info off the screen fairly quickly.

I have not changed anything in my setup that I am aware of, and it doesn't happen on all my wsjt-x instances.

I would like to find a way to turn that "feature" off, hi.

So, any thoughts?

Regards, Roy