FT847/USB CAT Cable Issues

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FT847/USB CAT Cable Issues
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First of all - Hello!!

I'm only just getting into data modes etc, so please bear with me.
I'm having a bit of bother setting up my Yaesu FT847 and USB CAT cable with WSPR.

This is the CAT Cable I bought that works the radio fine with the free version of HRD.

I seem to be transmitting ok but I'm not receiving or decoding anything. I cannot seem to get the receive db level to 0db. It seems to stay -25db highlighted in red or thereabouts.
I'm also getting a very high-pitched whine through the laptop speaker that sometimes shuts the laptop off.
I've managed to sent a signal out into Europe and Brazil but can't for the life of me replicate the settings or receive transmit consistently.

I have attached my setup settings for everyone to see what I've done.
Thanks in advance for any help I may get.