Power on MF/LW: Output or ERP??

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Power on MF/LW: Output or ERP??

Hi all,

as far as I can see the question has been asked several times but not answered. (Browsing the forum posts is not very easy :-)

What is the correct power figure: TX Output or ERP?

We (DK0FFO) are QRV again on 474 kHz since march 2017. We use the ultimate 3 plus homebrew PA set to 5 Watts Output Level. And we set the message to 37 dBm.

The antenna is 62 m Longwire fed at 10 m above ground and the other end at 30 m above ground.

We have not calculated ERP with this antenna so far, it should be well below 100 mW I guess.

Several stations set the message to 0,001 W or so, I guess that´s their ERP...?.

Is there any recommendation especially for 474 and 137 kHz how to Report the power?