WRC-15 60m bandplan

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WRC-15 60m bandplan

Following on from my previous post yesterday detailing the WSPR spot freq for 60m it would appear according to wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/60-meter_band most countries have adopted the bandplan of 5351.5 to 5366.5 after WRC-15.

Taking onboard the adoption of the new bandplan by the majority of countries is there anyone looking into getting the current 5.2872 moved up to between 5.366 & 5.366.5 ? If the frequency is not migrated up as countries adopt the new bandplan the operator base will diminish rapidly.


Spain ( ITU Region 1 ): Following the result of the WRC-15 decision on 5 MHz the Spanish administrator has now permitted access to the new allocation 5351.5 – 5366.5 kHz, 15W max EIRP, 3 kHz max. Bandwidth using All Modes [44] as at the end of November 2015, their previous Spanish 5 MHz permission came to a close. The new permission runs until 31 December 2017. Originally, in December 2013 the relevant Spanish regulatory authority, SETSI, granted permission for six 5 MHz channels following representations by URE, the Spanish national amateur radio society. These were:- 5268.0, 5295.0, 5313.0, 5382.0, 5430.0 and 5439.0 kHz for a period of six months, commencing January 1. 2014 on the basis of short-to-medium distance and emergency communications criteria. These were channel-centre frequencies, the corresponding USB 'Dial' frequencies being 5266.5, 5293.5, 5311.5, 5380.5, 5428.5 and 5437.5 kHz respectively. To those applicants who were at the requisite licence level to qualify, CW and SSB [USB] modes were permitted with a Power Limit of 100W and bandwidth not to exceed 3 kHz. Following a petition from URE to the regulator, on June 18, 2014 the period of experimental operation was officially extended to November 30, 2015.