IC-7200 - how to get WSPR2 communicate with IC-7200 properly?

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IC-7200 - how to get WSPR2 communicate with IC-7200 properly?

I started to try WSPR, using WSPR2 at first on 10 MHz band. I achieved to get WSPR2 to activate PTT function of IC-7200, but not to communicate either to send dial frequency to the TRX and or read the dial frequency from the TRX. Several attempts to change this have been without success.

The up to now only partly successful setting is ...

Audio In: 1 USB Audio CODEC
Audio Out: 4 USB Audio CODEC
PTT method: CAT
PTT port: None
[x] Enable CAT
CAT port: COM9
Serial rate: 4800
Data bits: 8
Stopp bits: 2
Handshake: none

My IC-7200 is connected to the laptop via USB, it works in USB digital and works excellently in the other Modes und software as are HRD + DM780 with PSK, RTTY. And with HRD + JT65HF and HRD + JT65 Comfort. The setting above was taken from the initial setting für IC-7200 provided by WSPR2,version WSPR2 2.11 (I installed WSPR2.11_r2263.EXE).

The idee of using COM9 as CAT port was derived from seeing "COM9", when gooing through the settings of JT65HF or/and JT65 Comfort.

When I shut down the software the terminal window always reads as "rig_open error = IO error" ...

... being followed by several handshaking attempts, not answered by the TRX. Of course I had "handshake" changed from "none" to the other versions, but it never improved the situation. And in my understanding, USB has nothing to do with handshaking between modems or rig and modem.

At the bottom line ...
1 The only way to establish PTT funktion ist the above shown setting with COM9
2 nearly every change will prohibit PTT function.
3 nothing has been usefull to enable reading or controlling dial frequency of TRX.

I would be happy for any help, improving communication from WSPR2 to my IC-7200.

73, Hans, DK2XV