Antenna comparison using WSPR

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Antenna comparison using WSPR

I'm interested in comparing the performance of two antennas using my K3S and WSPR software. I want to automatically switch the K3 antenna between ANT1 and ANT2 every 10 minutes for 24 hours, while listening to the 40-meter WSPR frequency.

I have WSPR running fine on the K3S, but I need a way to alternately send AN1; and AN2; to the serial port. I tried to use SerialSend (, which is a program that sends a text string to a serial port. The string "AN2;" sent, but the K3S did not respond.

If I can get something like SerialSend to address the K3S, then I should be able to use Windows Task Scheduler to alternately execute one of two batch files to send the two commands every ten minutes.

Any help would be appreciated.

73 de AL7L