I am amazed at this spot

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I am amazed at this spot

Not once, but twice I was heard by VK3WE.

I carefully measured 50 milliwatts on my WN-2 wavenode wattmeter at the transmitter. The coax is 150 feet of LMR-400, then a 1:2 step-up balun, and then 100 feet of RG6 for stealth, going to a 4:1 center-fed current balun connected to a 45-foot length of wire on one side and a 22.5-foot length of wire on the other side, flat-top at 50 feet. And the antenna is oriented 090/270.

2017-05-16 11:28 WD4ELG 10.140212 -26 0 FM06be 0.05 VK3WE QF32se 15846 253

2017-05-16 11:04 WD4ELG 10.140211 -25 0 FM06be 0.05 VK3WE QF32se 15846 253

I don't believe the signal is propagating directly...not with the orientation of the antenna. It has to be some skewed path. And there is some loss in the coax. Best case 50 milliwatts, probably more likely 30 milliwatts and worst case 20-25 milliwatts. This is an hour after my sunrise and an hour after RX sunset. VK3WE does pappear to have some sort of directional antenna for 30 meters, looking at his QRZ.com profile photo. Still, it's amazing to me.