Long Distance Balloons - WSPR with Adafruit SI5351

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Long Distance Balloons - WSPR with Adafruit SI5351

I've been trying to emulate the work of VE3KCL and others with WSPR based superpressure balloon flights. So far I've launched two units but haven't heard them on the WSPR site.

I'm using an Adafruit SI5351 clock generator module as the transmitter. VE3KCL used a QRP labs version. As near as I can tell there shouldn't be a difference, but I'd appreciate it if anyone could confirm that.

I use a GPS disciplined oscillator to correct for frequency drift at low temperatures, and I could receive the WSPR packets out to about 20 km away with a long wire antenna during the day. My machine and SDR decode them properly.

Right now I'm using the 30m band, but I'm wondering if that might not be the best choice. Would it make more sense to cycle through *all* the bands and try transmitting on each?

The launch location is Calgary, Alberta. There aren't any WSPR receivers in the area.

I'd appreciate any insight you guys might have.