CG3EXP to Start Epic Voyage Today, June 1st

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CG3EXP to Start Epic Voyage Today, June 1st

Follow the WSPR Beacon from CG3EXP on the C3 Expedition Vessel leaving Toronto on the Great Lakes today. The QRP Labs Ultimate 3 transmitter installed on the Icebreaker Research Vessel "Polar Prince" will be transmitting on the 20, 30 and 40 bands. The Canada C3 is a signature Project for Canada's 150th Anniversary of Confederation this year. The Expedition is a 150 day voyage from Toronto, up the St. Lawrence River, around the east of Newfoundland, up along the east coast of Canada and Baffin Island, west through the Northwest Arctic Passage, around Alaska and through the Bering Strait and around the Aleutian Islands and south along the west coast of Canada to Victoria, British Columbia. For more information visit the Radio Amateurs of Canada page: and

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