Can't Get FT-817ND, SignaLink USB & WSJT-X Working

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Can't Get FT-817ND, SignaLink USB & WSJT-X Working

Hi guys, I've been having a blast with my WSPRlite and decided to take the next step and put my FT-817ND on the air so that I could also post spots. Man I'm really stumped! Just received a brand new SugnaLink USB today and as I just mentioned I have an FT-817ND. I installed the jumpers in the SignaLink USB and followed the suggestions for the FT-817 on Tigertronics web site for the FT-817.

I plugged the SignaLink USB into my Windows 10 laptop and it sees it. If I try to run WSJT-X or WSPR, neither seem to be able to communicate to the FT-817ND via CAT. I also purchased the correct cable that goes between the SignaLink and the FT-817ND.

I've also tried installing WSJT-X on my Mac and I get some kind of error right out of the gate that suggest that I run a terminal command to see if I have enough memory enabled. With that being said, I would rather get this working with my PC rather than my Mac.

So here is what the radio settings are in WSJT-X.

Rig: FT-817
Serial Port: USB
Baud Rate: 38400
Data Bits: Eight
Stop Bits: One
Handshake: None
PTT Method: CAT
Port: USB
Mode: USB
Split Operation: None

On the radio...

PK Rate: 1200
CAT Rate 38400

So I'm not sure what this could be. It seems like it's more of the laptop not being able to communicate with the radio. What's odd is if I run WSJT-X even though I can't connect to the radio I see and audio level moving around. If I turn down the RX on the SignaLink the level goes to nearly 0dB. Turning RX back up makes the meter move again. That tells me that it working part way.

I have over 4 hour into this and it's still not working. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Any ideas??