VK Propagation study: Alice Springs - Melbourne

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VK Propagation study: Alice Springs - Melbourne

I did some WSPR data based propagation studies with Greg, VK8KMD for the path: Alice Springs (VK8) to Melbourne (VK3). See attached. Another study for Darwin - Melbourne is in progress.
Dieter, VK3FFB

I used OpenOffice Calc. It does not copy axis labels. Y-axis is WSPR SNR data in dB.

19th July 2017
Collected data for the 200mW WSPR Beacon VK8AR over a few days (11th - 19th July) and prepared a graph (see below) showing averaged data using 10 points of data sorted by UTC time (not time consecutive data). This gives a better result for the average propagation as the diurnal variations are usually not of much interest.