wsjt-x rasp pi and ft817 plus zlp pro plus

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wsjt-x rasp pi and ft817 plus zlp pro plus

I am used to setting up wsprlite device and it works fine but im trying to set up my ft817nd

Here is what ive done
I have installed it on the rasp pi ok
radio is set to /dev/ttyUSB1 data eight stop bits 2 handshake hardware
CAT WORKS FINE ON TEST and transmits fine.

PTT method is set to RTS port /dev/ttyUSB0

mode none
split none

Audio (im using a usb card and i think thats where im wrong somewhere although when i run lsusb the usb audio card shows up as c media which is correct

the soundcard in/output on WSJT-X doesnt show up as usb at all although on the db monitor on the side is showing as 37 db and thats when i have the settings as sysdefaultCARD=device

When i push test cat it goes green and when i push test ptt it goes red, but no spots are showing any ideas please

Computer is set to internet UTC time
Also i can see a signal on my sdrplay on the right frequency

im pulling my hair out as i feel ive covered everything