WSPR 80m Frequency - PLEASE READ IF YOU USE 80m

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WSPR 80m Frequency - PLEASE READ IF YOU USE 80m

Hi All,

with WSJT-X v1.8 we intend to correct an anomaly that has existed for a long time in that Japanese amateur radio operators have no privileges for the frequencies commonly used for WSPR, JT65 and JT9. The current frequencies (USB dial frequency) are:

WSPR 3.592600 MHz, JT65 3.576000 MHz, JT9 3.578000 MHz

because we strongly prefer that WSPR and JT mode frequencies are globally coordinated where possible, the proposed new frequencies are:

WSPR 3.568600 MHz, JT65 3.570000 MHz, JT9 3.572000 MHz, FT8 3.573000 MHz

This places the conventional 200 Hz wide WSPR sub-band (centred around +1500 Hz audio offset) into the lower 200 Hz the JT65 sub-band. The lower 200 Hz of the JT65 sub-band is not used due to SSB filter roll off.

Although the recent WSJT-X v1.8.0 RC1 beta release has the new frequencies set as default suggestions, we have asked users to amend them back to the old values for now. We would expect the change over to happen when the General Availability (GA) release of WSJT-X v1.8 is announced, this should give some time to users and other software authors to prepare.