Pirate Station on 630m?

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Pirate Station on 630m?

This afternoon I was testing an experimental 0.75m diameter indoor active loop antenna at my QTH in Madison, Alabama. I was very surprised to spot C6ABO (1269 km) with a steady SNR of -6. I would like to believe that I have very effective 630m receive capabilities, but I know this is not the case. I used the null of the loop to determine the station was located on a bearing of 20/200 degrees. This does not correlate with the station’s reported grid square of FL05.

C6ABO has garnered many 630m spots, but no one else other than N3FL in Pennsylvania spotted him mid-day. N3FL only spotted him one time with a -31 SNR at 1510UTC. This leads me to believe the station may be located along the 20 degree bearing from EM64or.

C6ABO is not listed on QRZ.com. I hope I am proven wrong concerning this report.
Gene W3PM