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Good afternoon,

I am Dennis, ZS4BS, and I have just started up the new ZS4AFV WSPR beacon from my QTH in Bloemfontein South Africa.

Almost two years ago, the Club had the beacon running at the site of the ZS9X contest station. About 10 months ago it gave up the ghost and I have just received the new beacon.

Now if I search ZS4AFV, I get the First Name as BLOEMWSPR in Grid KG30au with Mucro Processor driven WSPR Beacon Bloemfontein with Discone Antenna.

I have asked some of the local amateurs who helped set up the first beacon, but nobody knowns who BLOEMWSPR is or what the password is.

The new beacon is a QRP-Labs transmitter into a multiband HF antenna.

Can you assist me resetting the pass word for BLOEMWSPR or deleting the account.


Dennis, ZS4BS
Bloemfontein Amateur Radio Club