RX only with Yaesu FRG8800 (CAT controlled)

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RX only with Yaesu FRG8800 (CAT controlled)

I want to try WSPR, downloaded both WSJT-x and WSPRX. Both seem to run on my Win 7 laptop.
However, if I select the FRG8800 as RIG, I get an error message that the frequency cannot be read by the PC from the RIG. (obvious, since the FRG8800 only accepts signals from the PC to the reciever and does not provide any (serial) information back to the PC.

How should I set up my station to perform RX only WSPR operation with the FRG8800.

The interface between pc and FRG8800 is working, with another program I am able to control the FRG8800.

Any help would be appreciated.

best regards, 73,
Hans, pa2hbn