Q-callsigns on 20m spotted from grid FE72/FE73

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Q-callsigns on 20m spotted from grid FE72/FE73

Good afternoon,
I am new in this forum, but spotting 20m/40m receptions in WSPR sometimes here on WSPRnet.

Today from about 8h utc until 11h30 utc several WSPR signals, who report location as FE72 and FE73 have been logged. The callsigns are heard with the first letter Q. Several European stations heard these signals on 20m. Usually such calls would indicate a high altitude beacon transmitter, however I could not found any balloon flying at the south Atlantic coastal area of Argentina, just south of Buenos Aires...

Does someone know, where these WSPR signals came from ?

I heard: QB1NJE, QV1IKH, QT1ZQO, and others...

Many thanks for info