VP8CMH/MM and GM0HCQ/MM 30m WSPR analysis reports

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VP8CMH/MM and GM0HCQ/MM 30m WSPR analysis reports

I've an informal citizen science project with Mike VP8CMH/MM – GM0HCQ/MM on board the research icebreaker RRS James Clark Ross who uses the ship's receiver and vertical antenna to receive 30 metre WSPR. So far we've produced two reports, one on the 2016-17 voyage in the Southern Ocean and one on the May-June 2017 transect from Uruguay to the UK.Next to look at is the UK-Norway-Svalbard-Norway-UK data that Mike collected this July-August.

I'd be pleased to hear from others as to what analysis methods they have applied to WSPR spot data.

Even low resolution pdf files of the two reports are too large to attach here. You can find them on Research Gate by searching at https://www.researchgate.net/search for wspr and Griffiths

Gwyn G3ZIL