New Feature: Toggling balloon telemetry from the map

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New Feature: Toggling balloon telemetry from the map

Tonight, UTC-4 night, I pushed the code to remove the balloon telemetry spots off the map by default. You will see a new checkbox on the map parameters form under the Day/Night Overlay checkbox. Summary is:

  • The filter is on by default
  • This feature filters only call signs starting with 0 (zero) and Q
  • It is purely cosmetic. All spots are still in the database.

We'll let this run for a few days and if there's any issues, we can back it out and try again. In my testing, the filtering took very little time, so I don't expect there to be a problem.

As I was looking for test data, I came across a OQxxxx. I don't know why the letter O was used, since that's Belgium. I am not going going to address this pattern for now, and put it down as a typo on the part of the operator; however, feedback is welcome if I am missing something.

Finally, I have the same change staged for the Database page, but we'll take it slow.

Feedback welcome. Be gentle. We're trying.

73 Gary W1GJM