Missing call sign (newbie help)

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Missing call sign (newbie help)

Hi all,

I'm rather new still to WSPR and just got my second spot yesterday, which I noticed is missing a call sign:

171024 1946 2 -27 0.88 28.1260476 <...> CM97GS 33 0 1482 -8

I looked around on the forums and found an entry (http://wsprnet.org/drupal/node/4368) which suggest maybe some interference/formatting might be the problem. Regardless, I guess my question is what can/should I do now?

I think I have figured out what the callsign might be, but is this something I can report? What is good etiquitte here or diretions I can research with this?

I know I'm not operating with much and this being a night spot is also rather exciting.

Anyway, looking forward to any thoughts/suggestions that you might have.

Justin, KC3GGM