WSPR tx and rx summaries

I added power levels to the transmit and receive station summaries. Each combination of callsign, 4 or 6-character grid, and power level (if transmitting) is counted as a separate station.

Transmit summaries for each different power level used by a station. Multiple bands grouped together then sorted by distance. Shows number of different reporters and total spots.

Spots from receive stations are also separated by power level and sorted by distance. The number of different reporters for each station and the total number of spots is also shown. Unique spots are tagged as 'UNIQ'.

Due to the size of the indexes, only the most recent full day of spots is searchable.

WSPR transmit/receive summaries are midway down the 4-character grid square pages:

e.g. -

Some grid squares may not have a 4-character grid page. This happens when there are no spotters from that grid. The transmit summaries for these spotterless (?) grids are found on the 2-character grid square page.

e.g. -

WSPR grids main page: