WSJT-X: error in sound input. WSPR 2.0 works fine!

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WSJT-X: error in sound input. WSPR 2.0 works fine!
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I have used WSPR very successfully for some time now, so I decided to download the latest WSJT-X package and try that. For some reason, when I work in WSPR mode it works fine for a few cycles and then I get the following error message:

The capture was taken with WSJT-X 1.7, but the latest update (1.8) behaves in exactly the same way. My hardware is as follows:

HP Pavillion PC (Windows 10)
Asus Xonar U5 sound card

I tried the latest WSPR 2.0 package, and it is working fine for the moment. I have not tried any of the other JT modes available in WSJT-X, so I can't say if it is just limited to WSPR mode. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

73 de OE6FEG / M0FEU