Mapping the long way round

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Mapping the long way round

I've just started using wspr and the map. I was delighted with the results (heard in the UK, France, Germany aswell as Australia and New Zealand etc. but due to my position of antenna with the land and objects to the back I believe I am launching the main lobe to the south east off the east coast of Australia right on the beach (that reminds me ..I need to change my Maidenhead) and the back lobe should be more or less blocked. My gut feel tells me the European spots may be the result of going the long way round but the map using just the 2 points is showing the shortest path. Does anyone know if its possible to map a long way round transmission ? Would it be possible if the 2 points plus the time of transmission and the time of the spot were analysed so that it was evident that the signal had come the long way round and was depicted as such or is that not at all possible ?