Band Hopping in receive only WSJT-X

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Band Hopping in receive only WSJT-X

Hi. I have a QRP_LABS receiver module, which I am hoping to get into band hopping mode - 2 minutes on 20m, 2 on 30m and 2 on 40m, in a 10 minute cycle (4 minutes for calibration is the current plan).

How do I persuade WSJT-X to do the same? I can see the band hopping check box, and the schedule button, but I cannot seem to get anything like what I am trying to do configured - it all seems to be Tx related.

If I don't get it to change bands, then I think the audio will decode ok anyway, but the band displayed will be wrong - which means I won't be able to upload my spots.

Anyone have any ideas on this?