End Fed Antennas with no Radials

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End Fed Antennas with no Radials

Due to the lack of open space in my yard it is almost impossible to install radials for vertical or end fed wire antennas. As an experiment I bored a 6" hole down 15 feet to the water table and then inserted a 1/2' copper pipe 5 feet deeper into the mud. Using this as a ground I have had very good results loading my random length wire sloper antenna on 160, 80, 40 & 30 meters, using my Dentron Tuner.I have been heard on all 7 continents on these bands with 5 watts, check on the database, with my reflected power @ 0%. I never measured the antenna wire length but it resonates @ 2.7 mhz.according to my MFJ analyzer. This setup does not work too well on higher frequencies, where the ground rod length to the water table is a substantial part of a wavelength. I use a Cushcraft A-3 Tribander for 10, 15, & 20 meters and a dipole for 80 meters.