Please keep uploading your rx spots.

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Please keep uploading your rx spots.

There has been a huge decrease in the upload of rx spots in the last few years from UK amateurs.Many have stated publicly that they don't want to corrupt the data base because they have noise problems. I disagree, I think it is very important that everyone experiencing RF pollution upload their rx logs. We would all love to live in the utopia of a zero noise level and for 55 years of being involved in amateur radio I have always wished for that but 2 years ago something changed ! VDSL in my area was switched on. The noise level increased dramatically, not just from the vdsl,(easily identified from the up/down bands) but from all sorts of noise seemingly radiated from the vdsl modems from consumer equipment connected to vdsl modems. It's no wonder that OpenReach in the UK are having more and more SNR issues. I hope my tiny signal is contributing. In the meantime, I urge everyone to do the same and please upload your spots.