USB Interface between PC & IC-7300

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USB Interface between PC & IC-7300

This seems to be an ongoing saga which is driving me to distraction - I can get my IC-7300 to link up to my Windows 10 PC as far as downloading WSPR off the air is concerned, but I have totally failed to get the WSPR programme to put the rig into transmit (it is going through the motions, but the rig is still receiving).

Likewise I am unable to change frequency via USB.

I'm using the latest version (WSPR 2.12) which has more radios available in the pulldown menu, although the 7300 isn't one of them. I'm using IC-7700 at the moment which has been mentioned here and elsewhere with a CI-V address of 88H

I've looked through a lot of history on this, but there seem to be some bits that are missing - any help would be much appreciated.

73 de Alastair G3ZHZ