Help sought with a possible Android app

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Help sought with a possible Android app

Hi All,

This question may have been already been asked by some and I am sure been pondered by many. It would be good to know of an Is there an app for the Android OS that can enable me to take a SOTA rig and feed the audio from the radio and then to a phone/tablet and then, to a 4G data link (or whatever wifi may be available) to provide real-time RX reports from the QTH to the WSPR database? I realise that there are beacon apps available but to be able to report RX would be brilliant and provide versatility in a possibly less than ideal location (damp tent, windy etc.). I know that TX is do-able but I would sure like to receive stuff too and help in the ongoing experiments. Such data feedback would be invaluable. Potentially hundreds of data samples for design refinement. Antenna analysers everywhere (excuse my gushing enthusiasm).

I have ordered a Pi Zero-W that may do the job but the phone thing would be great owing to the other tools contained in apps for other datamodes. I could really do with some input if anyone has any ideas. IF there is such a thing available, perhaps they could please point me in the right direction. BTW, Richard Newstead, G3CWI podcasted recently with Eric Guth 4Z1UG. It is a good listen. Please if you can help with my question. Thanks to you all.

Tryg de EI7CLB