New WSPR Receiver released

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Hi all.
I just released my WSPR Receiver for sale on my Webshop.
It is a complete one-band receiver built in box trimmed and ready to use.
Use this instead of tying up your regular Ham tranceiver for receiving WSPR.
Just plug in between Antenna and computer, can even be powered from a free USB port.

It takes about 0.4Watt of DC power, has a 10ppm crystal, about -127dBm (0.1uV) sensitivity measured for a 3dB S/N ratio in 500Hz bandwith.
It is frequency calibrated against my Rubidium standard before delivery.

Right now I have a few 20m and 40m for sale, I will produce more of these and add more bands in the upcoming weeks.

73 Harry / SM7PNV