40 MHz / 8 m WSPR activity

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40 MHz / 8 m WSPR activity

Good evening fellows,

recently amateur radio in Ireland gained access to new frequency bands beyond 30 MHz, e.g an allocation around 40 MHz.

So I am wondering whether there is any WSPR activity up there?

During the short-skip season I have 2 WSPR-receivers running 24/7, on 28 MHz and 50 MHz.
(head-less Raspberry-Pi with RTL-SDR, additional front-end filter, whip antenna on the balcony.
Spots are uploaded under my SWL call DE1TBK)

Out of curiosity I may dedicate the 50 MHz setup to 40 MHz to see whether there is any activity.

Does anybody know about WSPR activity around 40 MHz ?
What is the exact frequency ?

Kind regards,