WSPR on linux command line using standard input (pipe)

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WSPR on linux command line using standard input (pipe)

Hi all,

I've searched the web a bit but couldn't find an answer on how to do this using the available tools.

I'm currently using my raspberry Pi 3 with a RTL dongle + upconverter, the WSPR decoder I'm using is rtlsdr_wsprd (

My requirement is: I'd like to to use different SDR hardware (in my case the SDRPlay RSP2 Pro), and possibly use a recent WSPR algorythm implementation, on my Raspberry.

The most natural way in Linux to do this is, perhaps, opening a shell and issuing a command line that starts a decoder process that sends the decoded IQ stream to the standard output, and feeding that via pipe ("|") to the standard input of a WSPR decoder process.

I mean issuing something like: "rtl_sdr [options] | wspr_reporter [options]"

There's also CSDR ( which is part of the OpenWebRX project and allows for format conversions and other stuff on the command line using pipes, which may come handy to adapt between the two processes.

But the problem is, I can't find implementations of such a "wspr_reporter".
If anyone knows of a wspr reporting implementation that gets input from stdin please let me know.

Thanks in advance.
73 de IU3JSX