Experience Using TAPR 20m WSPR Shield

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Experience Using TAPR 20m WSPR Shield

WSPR - TAPR QPRi Shield Antenna Testing Experience


I am very new to WSPRNet. I hope that my post here is appropriate.

There have already been many postings about TAPR's 'QRP TX Shield for WSPR on 20 Meters' module (commonly referred to as QRPi Shield). My experience testing an autotuned small magnetic loop antenna using the QRPi Shield may be of interest to you. The trial is somewhat unusual because it took place in an open field without WiFi to connect to NTP. My further interest was to see if the autotuner (my design) would work with a 100 mW transmitter.

There is a short PDF article about this on my website, www.acornwall.ca (go to the 'Autotuner for Small Magnetic Loop Antennas' section / Click on antenna picture / in Resource page scroll to the bottom ; or simply download directly at http://acornwall.ca/WSPRNet_experiment_06.pdf .

I will be pleased to have comments.

--- Andy VE1COR