Simple SDR programs for Linux using GNU Radio Companion

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Simple SDR programs for Linux using GNU Radio Companion

I've recently written 5 small SDR programs for Linux for the Cross Country Wireless SDR-4+ and Sentinel 2 SDR receivers. They will also work with the SoftRock receivers and transceivers and any other sound card based SDR units.

They use the GNU Radio software available in all Linux software repositories to build simple but effective SDR programs. More detail on how to set up GNU Radio and GNU Radio Companion and to run the files is included on the web page below.

The five programs include USB receiver, LSB receiver, CW receiver, RTTY receiver and WSPR receiver. Users can look at how the programs are put together and are free to modify and change them to suit their requirements.

I'm already using the WSPR receiver program with WSJT-X to receive 20m WSPR signals at home and at the workshop using two old XP laptops updated with lightweight versions of the latest Ubuntu 18.04 LTS operating system.

The web page is:

Special thanks go to Ross Wilkinson, G6GVI who recently gave a talk at the Bolton Wireless Club which showed everyone there the possibilities of writing and modifying your own SDR programs.


Chris, G4HYG