New WSPR Transmitter released for sale

Hi all.
As a follow up to my WSPR receiver I have just released my standalone all band WSPR transmitter with built in GPS for the radio amateur experimenter.
It is built to be both simple to use and to be a platform to be expanded from for the experimenter.
Some quick features:
1 Standalone operation, no PC required for operation.
2 Works on any Ham band from 136kHz to 70MHz
3 Is powered from 5V.
4 Pre-built and tested except for the output Low Pass filter that needs to be built by the user.
5 Comes with built in GPS module and included external GPS antenna.
6 Set up your call sign and apply power and off you go! Timing and Maidenhead position is automatic from the GPS network. Take it camping, move it to another QTH, use it mobile. Needs only 5V 250mA so can be powered fro a phone changer or USB power pack.
7 Open source software and Schematic is published on Github.

Low pass filters sold separately but as an introduction offer will include a 20m Lowpass filter kit for free for the first 5 buyers.

Check out my spots on 20m to see its performance using a dipole 10m above ground, I have been running a prototype for the last two month.

//Harry SM7PNV