Looking for a 2m WSPR-Transmit-Hardware

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Looking for a 2m WSPR-Transmit-Hardware

Hello dear WSPR fans,

the WSPR-activity on the 2m Band is very, very low worldwide. That`s a pity, I would expect interesting results on this band, the conditions are changing enormously and I`m dreaming about a WSPR-map with many stations arround my QTH. I`m looking for a cheap WSPR-Transmit-Hardware to inspire other OMs in my club. I did some experiments with a SI5351 chip (First a simple Adafruit board then the OCXO from QRPLab) and further experiments with a DDS-synthesizer (AD9859). Up to now everything failed, the results were not satisfying regarding signal quality and stability. It seems to be be more challenging than expected:-)

Does anybody knows a cheap possibility (<100$) to get an acceptable 2m WSPR-Signal on the air ?

Thank you very much for hints!

friendly regards