4m, 222 MHz and 928Mhz WSPR in USA

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4m, 222 MHz and 928Mhz WSPR in USA

I have noticed that 4m has a frequency listed for WSPR, but it is not a world wide Ham band. Here in the USA we have a Ham band at 222 Mhz. However, there is no 222 Mhz. frequency listed for WSPR. The same goes for our 928 Mhz. band. If we are going to have set frequencies for 2m, 70cm and 23cm, lets not skip any bands in between.

As for 4m operation in the USA, it has been used for radio control in the past. It is now virtually unused and just about all RC is done on 2Ghz spread-spectrum. How do we petition the FCC to turn 4m over to the Hams in the USA? If we all called the ARRL, maybe we could get them to do the paperwork.