WSPR, Raspberry Pi 2 & VNC

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WSPR, Raspberry Pi 2 & VNC

Ok, here's a question for the Pi folks here. Just did a complete, fresh install from the github readme here-

Did a fresh install of Rasbian, did the updates, cloned the repo & compiled.

Started up wspr using the command line as shown, sudo ./wspr -r -o -s ve3kut fn03lu 20 20m in my case.

Connected via cat 6 ethernet, no wifi. Only things in the pi are power, ethernet & the antenna. No USB/Video/Audio at all.

Now, weirdness- When in the gui, I'll start wspr, in a terminal window. Starts, shows waiting on the next TX window & then crashes the entire pi when it starts to transmit.

But, ssh into a terminal, same command & it runs fine.