WSPR Map - new options? Also, account names.

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WSPR Map - new options? Also, account names.

Is there a way to indicate, on the map, which stations are transmitting, and which ones are just listening?
The reason I'm asking for this feature is that it'll help me (and potentially others) determine whether my (their) station is hearing as well as it's transmitting.
When I click my callsign, I see "Hearing" and "Heard By". If I could tell which stations are and aren't transmitting, I would be able to determine whether I'm hearing all the stations that are transmitting and are hearing me. If I'm not hearing transmitting stations that are hearing me, then I know I need to work on my receive capabilities.
Is such a thing possible?

Also, I signed up for an account under my callsign (AI8W), but never received an email reply... I had to sign up for a new account with the -14 suffix in order to even get on to post here. To whom should I speak about fixing this situation and/or merging the two accounts?