KiwiSDR questions

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KiwiSDR questions

Just got 2 KiwiSDRs setup, one is public ( ) and trying to get it to link to the 2nd, but having problems.

(1) I called my cable provider (CenturyLink) and was told they don't allow open ports. Perhaps because I threatened to cancel my service however, it appears they've allowed me to get port 8073 open. The 2nd KiwiSDR is set up as port 8074, but regardless of my cable modem settings, the 'Check Port Open' in the 'Network' tab of the KiwiSDR reports it is not. I suspect this is why only lists only one of my KiwiSDRs. If I'm mistaken about this, I would appreciate some advice on how to get it working.

(2) Regardless of the port settings, both SDRs are decoding reporting WSPR just fine. I am wondering if distributing the computing load for WSPR decode between both SDRs would be advantageous, or is it OK to set up one with 8-channels devoted to WSPR and use the other SDR for public access?

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