A new Open source Desktop WSPR transmitter

Image icon WSPR Desktop inside496.18 KB
Image icon The configuration software54.53 KB

I just released my new WSPR Desktop transmitter.
It is an open source Arduino based transmitter just like the previous one.
This one comes built in a box with four low pass filters and covers either 137kHz-3,8MHz or 7-18MHz or 21-50MHz depending on what model you order.

Configured from a PC software but will operate standalone using it's built in GPS for time keeping and position.
Powered from 5V USB so it suitable both for the shack and on the road or hike.

Read more on my blog here :https://www.zachtek.com/single-post/2018/11/08/New-WSPR-Transmitter-product

//Harry - SM7PNV