136KHz LF using WSPR-15 instead of WSPR-2

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136KHz LF using WSPR-15 instead of WSPR-2

Most of the stations transmitting WSPR in LF band in Europe and Russia are using WSPR-15 instead of WSPR-2

As DK7FC mentioned in many occasions, WSPR-15 has 9dB advantage over WSPR-2 and the slow fadding conditions in LF make it very convenient for this band
In the first weekend of testing there were many TA decodes and great results

WSPR-15 is (still) not implemented in WSJT-X. So you have tu run the old WSPR-X decoder
This old software can work with a modification that makes use of the latest WSPR decoder (multi-pass on so on)
And finally there is a script by DF6NM which helps to upload the spots when using the latest decoder

See you on LF !

73 de Luis