Operating WSPR using a CAT lead and an FT817

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Operating WSPR using a CAT lead and an FT817

After a break of a few years I am now back on WSPR, this time using a CAT lead rather than just placing my 817's mike close to an external speaker carrying the WSPR audio. Reading posts I know that in the past a few people have had problems getting the FT817 to operate correctly. So, these are the settings I used to get my FT817 to function as it should.

WSPR > " settings " > " station parameters "

Audio in: The soundcard you are going to use.
Audio out: The soundcard you are going to use.
PTT method: RTS.
PTT port: COM3

Enable CAT.

CAT port: COM4
Rig number: 120 Yaesu FT-817
Serial rate: 38400 ( make sure your FT817 is set to the same on Menu 14 CAT RATE on the rig )
Data bits: 8
Stop bits: 2
Handshake: None

* ON YOUR RIG: Menu 45 ( SQL/RF ) - set it to RF and turn up the RF gain.
* ON YOUR COMPUTER: Go into your settings and make sure your firewall is configured to allow WSPR through ( so you can upload spots )

I think you may have to experiment with your own COM settings, but RTS does the job when it comes to keying the rig.

Quite a long post but hopefully it will help some newcomers to WSPR get their rigs operating properly.