WSPR & SDR [features]

1) We can't receive second and higher harmonics of WSPR signal because
a) Subband's WSPR is not multiply on different bands.
Example: CW Signal 7030 KHz, second harmonic is 14060 KHz may be received by skimmers or operators.
WSPR signal 7040.100, second harmonic is 14.080.200 and not in 14.097.000...14.097.200 subband.
b) Four frequences of WSPR signal will have wider step in higher harmonics and could not be decoded.
See WIDER-2F-wspr.PNG

2) We can't decode image frequences of signal. Because F4 became F1, F3 became F2.
I have I/Q SDR receiver.
Flo = 10125600 Hz;
Fdial=10138700 Hz;
Fiq = Fdial-Flo=13100 Hz;
dF = |Flo - Fwspr | = |10125600-10140200| = 14600 Hz
Fz = Flo - dF = 10111000 Hz (image freq)
FdialZ = 10111000-1500 Hz = 10109500 Hz; (Fdial for image freq)
Fiq = FdialZ-Flo = -16100 Hz (Fiq for image freq)
And now I can receive image of signal in inversed frequences.

3) Fine tune frequence with Fiq.
Example: I have WSPR signal 10.140.200 Hz, but
I see it on 10.140.210 Hz in WSPR receiver's window.
Error is +10 Hz
So I must setup Fiq = Fiq + 10 Hz
And now I can see 10.140.200 Hz in WSPR receiver's window!

4) Signal from Si5351
See Si5351-signal.png

5) Signal from Si5351 + BS170 + LP filter
See bs170-out-signal.png

I have Vrms from 2.88 V to 3.59 V so I have on 50 Ohm from 165 mW to 257 mW.
In 30M band this signal have gone from Moscow region to Antarctica some days!!!
17.11.2018 distance 14534 km and 45155,05 mills per Watt!
[2018-11-17 19:32 R2AJA 10.140209 -27 0 KO85xt 0.2 DP0GVN IB59uh 14534 198]
See 17112018-30M-0.2W-Antarctica_2018-11-17.png and Neumayer-Station-3.jpg