Band Hopping Tune Function Bug (WSJT-X v2.0.0)

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Band Hopping Tune Function Bug (WSJT-X v2.0.0)

The “Tune” function for WSPR Band-Hopping is defined in the manual:

If the box labeled Tune is checked for a particular band, WSJT-X transmits an unmodulated carrier for several seconds just after switching to that band and before the normal Rx or Tx period starts. This feature can be used to activate an automatic antenna tuner (ATU) to tune a multi-band antenna to the newly selected band.

Now my observations:
This works fine when hopping from one receive band to another receive band.
However, for some reason, after a 2 min. transmit period, before the next RX period starts, WSJT-X  does not transmit an unmodulated carrier at all.
For example after transmitting at 20m and automatically hopping to receive at 80m, no unmodulated carrier is transmitted for tuning to 80m!

I believe and hope that might be only a small bug and it would be nice when it could be solved.
This would improve my WSPR performance in hopping mode significantly.
73! DG7RJ Wolfgang