WSPR Beacon design software

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WSPR Beacon design software

I've written a self-contained utility that, in one go, will generate an 'include' file for PIC assemblers for generating WSPR signals from a DDS. see and

Run GENWSPR from the command line and specify call, loc and power, for example 'genwspr g4jnt io90 43' and it will go away and generate a file WSPTONES.INC for importing into a PIC assembly file.

The actual WSPR encoding section is taken from a C listing I found on the web, but can't rememberer where or who to credit. That had mathematical errors in it relating to the Lat/Long conversions to WSPR source coding. Corrected these and added the rest.

Oh yes, and it will give you an audio file(.AU format) as well - left in from the original code.

Andy G4JNT