15 day to go until the QRSS New Year's Eve Celebration!

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15 day to go until the QRSS New Year's Eve Celebration!

Dear WSPRNET Members and owners of a U3S,

I was on Scott’s QRSS Plus site (http://www.swharden.com/qrss/plus/ ) the other evening and there were 55 QRSS Grabbers on various frequencies listed, all receiving QRSS Signals. That is an AMAZING increase over past years and shows that our little Niche` group of faithful QRSS MEPT operators and Grabber receivers are actually increasing. But we still need to personally recruit new blood to the MEPT and GRABBER ranks to increase the participation over all of the Amateur Radio QRSS Frequencies. We are expanding from our 30M start 10 years ago to All of the Amateur Radio Bands with some reports of 6M and 2M Grabbers being on the air.

This year my claim to fame is more bands added to my WA5DJJ’S ALL BAND HF QRSS/WSPR GRABBER. Yes, that’s right, QRSS/WSPR grabber. I have broad banded all of my QRPLabs QCX receivers by bypassing the 200HZ CW Filter on 160M, 80M, 40M, 30M, 20M, 17M, 15M, 12M, and 10M receivers and added WSJT-X v2.0.0 WSPR MODE to the existing LOPORA v5a software in each Raspberry Pi grabber band (who share the same audio stream) so that it is simultaneously receiving QRSS and WSPR at the same time. What this does is give me a second data point as to what the propagation is on each Amateur Radio band grabber. It also allows me to view on the expanded WSPR waterfall display a better view of the total 2.5KHz bandpass of my QSX receiver to see interference and other signals that are occupying the frequency. It will also give you an idea of band conditions and a good indication if you can reach my grabber ( http://www.qsl.net/wa5djj/ ) with your QRSS signal. If I am receiving your WSPR transmission or one from someone else in your area, there is an excellent possibility that I will receive yours if your transmitting. All you need to do is visit http://wsprnet.org/drupal/wsprnet/map and put my call in the map data box, select the band you’re interested in, and hit the update button. If you don’t get a map displayed, it means I didn’t copy any WSPR signals on that band. (use the 12H display setting) I think this method will really help the DX stations and those who are learning just how propagation works. I think it will also improve your chances to be seen on different grabbers in the world. It is just another practical tool to be used that this internet world has given us.

So, The stage is set for the 2018 New Year’s Eve QRSS Celebration that will start at 0000Z 31 December 2018 and end at 2400Z 1 January 2019. (You don’t really have to turn your transmitter off unless you really have to) I personally like to see more signals on my grabber than I have been getting in the off chance that we get a Solar Flare during this long period of diminished solar activity. So the more signals from diverse locations helps me study the effects on the ionosphere. Since I can’t predict with any accuracy when a solar flare happens, Having a nice collection of QRSS signals on ALL my monitoring frequencies gives me a chance to view what happens on each Amateur band when the flare happens. I can’t do that without some dedicated multiband signals to use. So, If you have the MEPT assets to leave your QRSS signal on the air, I would appreciate it. I am presently saving each 20 Minute grabber screen 24/7 and then moving them to a larger hard disk from each of my grabber receivers. (I don’t want to miss something if I am not here or sleeping) So if your signal makes it into my grabber, It is being recorded and date/time stamped continuously. Any help with QRSS stations to be received will be greatly appreciated. I will try to come up with a list of stations by band that my SUPER GRABBER copies over the event and will publish them on the https://groups.io/g/qrssknights message board.

Take care and have fun. Get your MEPT on the air. Reprogram your WSPR U3S to include some QRSS transmissions on Any Amateur Band. You will be amazed just how far it will go, no matter how much power it transmits.

73 Dave Hassall WA5DJJ Las Cruces, New Mexico
Website: http://www.zianet.com/dhassall/
QRSS SUPER GRABBER WEBSITE: http://www.qsl.net/wa5djj/