2 days to go until the QRSS NEW YEAR'S EVE CELEBRATION

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2 days to go until the QRSS NEW YEAR'S EVE CELEBRATION

Dear WSPRNET Members,
Well, we have two days to go until the annual QRSS NEW YEAR’S EVE CELEBRATION. I was looking around the grabber checking this and that and as far as I can tell, the WA5DJJ’S ALL BAND QRSS SUPER GRABBER is ready to go. (at least as ready as I can make it this year). Propagation is not going to be the best but my WSPR monitoring addition is giving me some insight into what has been going on lately, The Lower bands are still open from MF through 20M. Here is a little chart I was able to copy from the WSPRNET.ORG WEBSITE that pretty well sums up what has been happening the last 14 days.

So, if your QRSS has a multiband capability, Your lucky to be able to pick one of the bands with the widest slice of the pie. Right now, 40M seems to be the band with the most WSPR spots. It is followed by 80M, 30M, 630M, and 160M. Everything else is a sliver of the pie. Here at my site for the past 5 days anything above 20M has been NOTHING received. There just isn’t any propagation to most of the UNITED STATES on those bands. So concentrating on those bands probably won’t get you spotted on my grabber unless you’re a local operator.

I am looking forward to logging as many stations as I can on all of my 9 receivers that appear to be viable on the following bands: 630M, 160M, 80M, 40M, 20M, 17M, 15M, 12M, and 10M. Each of these receivers has a WSPR monitor and seems to be
Working well. If your WSPR transmission is heard by my QRSS grabber on that band there is a good chance that your QRSS signal will also be seen. (This is a theory that I am trying to be able to prove happens.) On the few that I have been able to verify, this has happened in most cases. But also remember that my grabber is the “bargain basement equipment model”. The total cost for each grabber receiver combination was less than $100 per band. Each band consists of a QRPLabs QCX receiver (modified from the QCX transceiver kit at $49), a $6 USB soundcard dongle, and a Raspberry Pi computer at $35 running the amazing LOPORA v5a software and WSJT-X software in the WSPR mode. All of this is multicoupled to a Butternut HF9V vertical antenna ground mounted with 16 twenty foot radials. It is an exercise in developing a simple, easy to reproduce single or multiband QRSS Grabber, at the lowest possible price without sacrificing too much in performance. (which at this time I consider an outstanding success) From experience and considering the current Radio Wave Propagation, I don’t expect to copy everyone. But I do expect to copy my share.

So, Dig your QRSS Transmitters out and put them on the air on the band of your choice. I have a receiver on most of the popular ones and give it a go. I expect the frequencies to be full. So don’t always expect to have your own frequency slot. Pile on anyway and leave it on for the total 48 Hours. The unpredictable propagation model in effect this year will do the sorting out where one signal will be in for a while and then another. So the spots will change at the grabbers. Hang in there and you will be seen. After the operations I will delog all the 20M grabber pictures separately and post a list of signals heard to the QRSSKNIGHTS site at: https://groups.io/g/qrssknights.

Remember the New Year’s Eve Celebration starts at 0000Z December 31st 2018 and ends at 2400Z January 1st 2019. But if you can, Leave your transmitter on so we will have many more signals to study the propagation effects that are occurring during this bottom of Solar Cycle 24 and the beginning of Solar Cycle 25. QRSS has the unique ability of being able to actually view the effects of the ionospheric propagation effects of anomalies in Solar Space Weather. Your signal greatly enhances our insight into radio wave propagation effects.

Good Luck and hope to see you on my Grabber.

73 Dave Hassall WA5DJJ Las Cruces, New Mexico
Website: http://www.zianet.com/dhassall/
QRSS SUPER GRABBER WEBSITE: http://www.qsl.net/wa5djj/