Plotting polar diagram/nodes.

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Plotting polar diagram/nodes.

I recently made up an EFHW, which has replaced my Doublet. It is an inverted "L" format, about 24 feet vertical, and the remainder being horizontal, making about 65 feet overall length, and I'm very pleased with the results.

I was always aware that certain directions were favoured by my Doublet, Iceland, DP0GVN down at the bottom of our planet, Italy, Scandanavia, etc, and I knew that there were six or seven nodes, and where they were "pointing".

It seems that it's the same with my end fed half wave, although after only a month or so of operation, I think there are more to discover - does anybody know of a program, into which the contents of the database can be emptied, which will then show the most favoured direction of your own aerial, preferably in graphic form, like a compass rose?

John G8HWI