Next Bands to Focus On

We have about 100 stations operating WSPR regularly, almost all on 30m
most of the time (9,300 spots there today). We have had small nomadic
groups try out different bands, but I think the next step should be to
decide what bands we would like to get a critical mass of operation
on; having only a handful of stations on a band doesn't tell us nearly
as much. On the other hand, if we spread ourselves out over 9 HF
bands, we wouldn't have critical mass anywhere.

My initial thought was to try to promote a group on 10m during the day
and 80m at night, while retaining a large group on 30m. This seemed
interesting to me, especially as we head into the northern hemisphere
Es season.

On the other hand, there is already a large beacon presence on 10m,
and PropNet has a decent size group there in the US. Perhaps a
sizeable group on 12m or 15m would add more unique value as an early
warning of higher MUFs to come.

There are definitely some interesting things we've been seeing on 30m,
where even when the band is shut tight at night, suddenly some
unexpected things will pop up for 10 or 20 mins.

Anyway, better to have 30 stations on one band to see regional
openings than 10 stations on three bands, at least in my opinion?
What do you all think?